Painting, Poetry

Spring Rain

Spring rain is child and sting.Pallets of water stinging our skinHats to cover our eyes.Then in the distance the Majestic CyprusLilies dancing at their feet as they gaze uponTheir ancestor gave them LifeLeaves turned up to catch the spring rain. -Barry Sons 2018-

Painting, Poetry

Ancestor’s Lament

The day is overcast, The clouds no threat.Warm and sultry as only the basin can be.Wax bayou thick  and lush with greenery. We head towards the bend near the mouth of the river. Longing to set foot on the ancestors island.Lilies in bloom jam against the bank, we stop to […]

Nature, Painting, Poetry

Ghost Island

The Army Corps of Engineers at work yet again! They Dredge you up oh magic land that the river build ore years of high and low tides. With no regard for what it took for you to stand in place. No regard for your purpose, too shortsighted to see the […]